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Businesses thrive on vision, skill, and passion. At Fivestone Solutions, we come alongside your team and guide you through the process of unlocking all three.
We believe in you and what you do. We thrive on finding the pathways that will lead to you being the best at what you do.

For Salespeople

Through 20+ years of working deeply in the technical sales world, we’ve developed insight into the specific challenges of SME selling.
We understand the complexity of your technical sales cycle and can help you and your sales team conquer any selling challenges.

For Leaders

Is your technical sales team struggling to identify new business, with a complete dependence on inbound leads or “leftovers”? Or perhaps your company’s pipeline is stagnant with opportunities that don’t seem to advance?
We alleviate your stress and anxiety with a proven plan and process to address these concerns.

For Companies

We understand your unique set of challenges: staying up to date, keeping people trained, and educating clients and prospects…all while innovating/growing and fending off the competition.
We help you to overcome those challenges with a proven system for increasing revenue and growing sales.

Our Services



From defining your

mission, to

developing strategies, to implementing processes

and procedures, Fivestone Solutions has the expertise

to help you realize

the full potential

of your business.

Sales Coaching

We energize your Sales

team to increase closing

ratios, maximize

profitability, and create

recurring revenue. Our

proven strategies allow

you to confidently

navigate the practices

and processes that ensure

sales success.


We recognize that your

potential clients need

to know who you are,

what you do, and why

you’re the best solution

to fit their

needs. We can help you to

craft that image through a comprehensive marketing

plan that encompasses

print, social, digital – and everything in-between.

Success Stories

“Patrick is dedicated to creatively helping others do what they do, better. He is goal oriented and instrumental in a team’s success.”

Lew Herbst

“Patrick has done an excellent job from helping us to create a Sales and Servicing Playbook thru helping us to refine our hiring processes. Our company is better as the result of his work.

I highly recommend his services.”

Charles Boinske

“Patrick has helped our organization immensely, driving a complex, in-depth set of tools under very tight timeline constraints.”

Steve Tamasi

“If it wasn’t for Fivestone Solutions, I would have never had the balls to launch my company (not an exaggeration.) Thanks to Patrick’s strategic coaching with a focus on sales and mindset, we have a portfolio of more than 20 happy clients, and our business is profitable with great cash flow and no debt.”

Jade Flogerzi

“It’s been such a pleasure working with Patrick the last few years. He has greatly helped my business and his ideas and organization skills are hard to find. His knowledge, foresight, and experience make him an asset to any business looking to grow and be in business for the long-haul.”

Erica Brown

“Patrick has done a wonderful job in helping us navigate through the process of setting up our Playbook, guiding us in developing the most pertinent tools to help us through this journey.

With his support, we are creating impactful documents and processes to differentiate our company from our competitors”

Tom Schleicher

“Patrick was able to look at our teams through a different lens and identify our issues and candidly point them out to management. Sometimes we are too close to see the obvious. He came to us at the right time and helped two really good teams move toward being even better.”

Gary Bender

“Patrick has a drive to help others succeed that propels his own success. Work with him and you’ll see his commitment to help you achieve your goals. Get ready to grow!”

Dan Larson

“Patrick brought proven and effective sales processes to our organization. Our team has been able to utilize his expertise to improve communication and keep our team’s focus on the activities that provide the most value. Patrick also provided an excellent framework for helping our company prioritize and understand sales strategy.”

Jason Wade

“Patrick’s experience, expertise, and guidance in business operations, sales, and growth are unmatched in the world of business consulting.”

Mike Rosenthal

“Patrick has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty to make things happen where no one else could.”

Chris Lang

“Patrick worked with our company in identifying and implementing sales tools that were not present and so needed for our company sales efforts to be more growth oriented.”

Steve Doty

“A consummate sales professional, gifted sales coach, organizational strategist, and operational guru – all in one individual who is one of the most responsive, honest, and diligent individuals I’ve come across in my 15 years of consulting to Custom Integration Service providers.”

Steve Dewart

“The level of sincerity of your investigation into our team, our industry, and our practices, has been nothing short of incredible. Your insights, guidance, and expertise have been an invaluable tool for our team-especially me. I am very eager to implement our newest tool, and push to have Therapy Source in a period of growth it has not seen before.”

Philip Puleo


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