Client Success Stories

Read about our clients who have seen exponential success with Fivestone Solutions.

Boston, MA

Our Boston client is an established, family-run precision manufacturing business that needed to overhaul their sales team and sales management processes in order to achieve optimum results. We helped them properly define and profile a Sales Leader position via our intensive Job Profile Program. This was especially challenging as the company operates at a very high level of success and performance, so finding a 9+ out of 10 candidate was essential. While the search continued for their new Sales Leader, we helped them clearly define their Vision/Mission/Values and find their true voice. In addition, strong focus was placed on completing their Sales Playbook, with an emphasis on messaging, overcoming objections, creating new territory boundaries, and implementing an effective touch system for their 11 national sales reps. We also rode alongside them during the recruiting, surveying, and interviewing process for the Sales Leader position, resulting in a hire that perfectly suited their needs. This relieved the owner/CEO of day-to-day Sales Management duties, freeing him up to pursue big picture initiatives and company expansion – the areas a CEO should be dedicating his or her time to. It also allowed him to spend more time on his passion of growing the future generation of technology leaders as president of a nationally recognized robotics program.


The company has continued to experience a consistent revenue growth of 20 percent from year-over-year since implementing the changes we helped them set in place.

Omaha, NE

Our Omaha client already had a high-performing sales team, led by A+ Sales Leadership. Our primary goal when we started this program was to document the best practices and processes of the top earners to allow the company to replicate that success to new hires and help them expand easily into the future. Via online and in-person training sessions, we were able to capture and refine their best practices in regard to High Value & IDEAL Targets, overcoming objections, and messaging. Once we had the Sales Playbook in motion, we shifted our focus to equipping the Sales Team and Execution Team with the tools they needed to work in harmony with one another. This required shifts in company culture and teaching the two teams to respect and understand each other via tested and proven methods in team building. We also restructured the two teams into six to facilitate better, faster, and more precise communication between team members, allowing them to make the most of their newly acquired teamwork skills. Members of the various teams were selected and assigned by region, experience level, and personality and communication style.


- Better functioning teams

- Less drama

- Higher sales – Growth of 30% year over year

Chicago, IL

Our Chicago technical manufacturing software client started out with a typical SME (Subject Matter Expert) sales team; they knew the technology well but needed help in connecting with their buyers on a more personal level. We focused intently on defining who their IDEAL High Value Target is and how to reach them. This required us to deploy systems and processes that analytic engineers would not only “use,” but enjoy and adopt as their own. We also worked on building an extensive Sales Playbook consisting of their best practices and methods for acquiring and closing more business as well as re-working the current staff to provide more support for the SME salespeople so they could focus on building their personal book of business.


More focus by the engineer brains on building business and moving leads through the sales process. We were able to demonstrate that SME salespeople are able to understand and use systems and processes to build relationships, leading a higher closing ratio and more repeat business.

San Diego, CA

Our San Diego client, a family founded and operated technical firm, had come to the realization that it was time for the CEO to get out of the Sales Management business in order to focus on strategic opportunities and Marketing efforts. They had an internal candidate that was potentially a good fit for the job, but they wanted some reassurance that this would be optimum for both the candidate and the company. We completed a Job Profile, using our proven and tested methods, and both the CEO and the COO found it extremely helpful, as they then had a crystal-clear vision of the type of individual who should be hired for this role. We then set out to recruit, survey, and interview 3 outside candidates to benchmark against the internal candidate. We sat with them during the interview process, analyzed and compared survey interview results between the candidates as well as against our Profile, and eventually determined that the even though there were some experience gaps, the internal candidate would be the best fit to lead their experienced sales team. We then started a new project with this client consisting of mentoring the new Sales Leader to help fill those experience gaps as quickly and efficiently as possible.


- CEO can now focus on strategic opportunities and marketing

- The experienced sales team no longer drifts along without a plan, but thrives under capable leadership

- The sales pipeline is more efficiently managed and accurate

- The company doubled the size of the sales team

Orange, CA

Our Orange County, CA client is a family run business with an SME sales team that didn’t consider themselves salespeople and didn’t have any real sales leadership. They also had become heavily dependent on discounts to keep the quantity of customers stable year over year. We started by Profiling the Sales Leader role and then moved on to surveying, interviewing, and analyzing Sales Leader candidates. As we onboarded the new Sales Leader, we also worked on improving the SME team through on-site, sales-focused training workshops. This helped them understand their pivotal role in improving revenue for the company and themselves, as well as helped them understand the value proposition of their product, the company, and their experience. Improving the value proposition allowed them to back off of discounts and improve sales revenue and profit margins. Since the team had operated without Sales Leadership for so long, we had to reestablish sales goals, KPIs, and leading indicators that would help them to establish and reach target revenue and profit. This required analyzing the sales process, reviewing past data, and building new tools to track current data. Once the team had their goals and priorities determined, we then focused on their “Day-in-the-Life” and aggressively removed all Low Payoff Activities (LPA) to free up time to focus on High Payoff Activities (HPA), which resulted in a new prospect intake process, including a dedicated person to book new appointments, developing better demonstrations for prospects, and a higher close ratio. We also leveraged technology at several key stages during the sales process in order to produce a more streamlined and efficient sales experience, making it easier to do business with our client. These changes resulted not only in a higher close rate, but in prospects signing up sooner in the sales process.


- Installation of qualified sales leader

- Creation of “Call Center” to allow for a better customer experience at first touch

- Reduced time from first touch to prospect commitment by 50%

- Increased annual sales volume for the first time in 8 years

- Doubled the amount of return customers

- Improved sales activity tracking with full transparency

- Reduced discounts by $500k annually, improving profit margin

- Refined and documented Sales Playbook best practices